Deep as a Rainbow
watercolor on 11" x 14" paper
  •  The Passion

    The Passion

  •  Harvesting Moonlight

    Harvesting Moonlight

  •  Powering Through

    Powering Through

  •  Flight of the Luna

    Flight of the Luna

  •  Peace in the Valley

    Peace in the Valley

  •  Dream Thief

    Dream Thief

  •  Inner Seed

    Inner Seed

  •  Birth of Venus

    Birth of Venus

  •  Blind Guide

    Blind Guide

  •  Cosmic Dance

    Cosmic Dance

  •  Calm in a Storm

    Calm in a Storm

  •  Divining the Heart

    Divining the Heart

  •  Despite


  •  Foxhole Prayer

    Foxhole Prayer

  •  Predictions


  •  Star Child

    Star Child

  •  Weight of the Moon

    Weight of the Moon

  •  Embracing Life

    Embracing Life