Abstract Landscapes
  •  Cezanne's Crossword Puzzle 28

    Cezanne's Crossword Puzzle 28"x30" oil on linen

  •  Faceted Apple 24

    Faceted Apple 24"x36" oil on canvas

  •  Esmeralda 24

    Esmeralda 24"x36" oil on canvas

  •  Ruins 24

    Ruins 24"x30" oil on linen

  •  Ice Mountain 30

    Ice Mountain 30"x46" oil on linen

  •  Enlightened Darkness 24

    Enlightened Darkness 24"x30" acrylic on board Private collection San Francisco, CA

  •  In The Garden 43

    In The Garden 43"x34" oil on canvas

  •  Mountain Side 24

    Mountain Side 24"x30" oil on linen

  •  Light Bounds 30

    Light Bounds 30"x24" oil on canvas

  •  Light Bounds 24

    Light Bounds 24"x30" oil on board

  •  Morning Cathedral 36

    Morning Cathedral 36"x48" oil on linen Private Collection, London

  •  Mountain Interior 35

    Mountain Interior 35"x40" Private collection, Palm Springs, CA

  •  Mirage 36

    Mirage 36"x24" oil on canvas

  •  Pyramid Shadows 24

    Pyramid Shadows 24"x30" oil on canvas

  •  Beautiful Day in Hell 48

    Beautiful Day in Hell 48"x60" oil on linen